BGPKIT Journey Started

BGPKIT Journey Started

BGPKIT is a small-team start-up that aims to provide comprehensive tool suite to facilitate companies building on-premise BGP data monitoring services. We started our journey of building the best BGP data toolkit for developers in October, 2021. Here is a brief glance on what we are working on and what values we strive to provide.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the de facto inter-domain routing protocols being used by every major companies on the Internet. The main purpose of BGP is to allow companies exchange IP prefix reachability information. In other words, companies tell other companies what IP blocks they have, and how to reach these IP blocks. This the key functionality that enables the Internet.

Because the purpose of BGP is to exchange information and allow everyone to know how to reach certain IP blocks, the BGP messages must be propagated globally and publicly. There are a number of data sources available out there that provides BGP data archives (e.g. RouteViews and RIPE RIS), or real-time data like BGP looking glasses or live BGP data stream.

The aforementioned data sources contains a wealth of information if you know what to look for. For example, by looking at BGP information, researchers can infer companies relationships, monitor security incidences. Having handy toolkit in hand enables people to build successful businesses around BGP data.


At BGPKIT, we build software tools to process BGP data and reveal insights from BGP messages. We aims to provide the best developer experience, and enable customers to build their own BGP data processing pipeline and monitoring services on-premise.

Complete Tool Suite

Our goal is to build complete tool suite for BGP data processing: data collection, parsing, analysis, programmable and visual interface, and data warehousing. Everything you need to handle BGP data.

Rust Implementation

To achieve the best performance and security, we choose to focus on building our tools using the Rust programming language.

We believe that Rust’s ecosystem is now mature enough that building modern features like data streaming, async data workflow, parallel processing, web API, or even porting the entire codebase onto WASM and running it on browsers is a archivable task with reasonable efforts.

Powerful Extensibility

At BGPKIT, we design our libraries to provide powerful API and assist customers to further customize workflow to meet individual needs. We strive to provide the most ergonomic interfaces that allow library consumers to easily integrate our library into theirs.

Embrace Open-Source

We also believe that good tools empowers people, so we open-sourced our building block libraries to the public with very permissive license so that any interested parties can explore and build their own ideas free of charge and limitation.

We are excited to start this journey of building, and we hope to have the chance to work with more people and building more dreams together! Follow us here, on Twitter, or visit our website to learn more!